Responding to feedback about the 11.30am service we are making a couple of changes:
  • The theme will be different for the 11.30am to that in the 9 and 10.30am (it has been an extension of the earlier theme which can be confusing for those joining the service).
  • Extended opening worship block of 3-4 songs to allow those who are joining, especially with small children, can all engage with some uplifting sung worship.
Thank you for feeding back and helping us to shape the services to be as widely accessible as possible.
10.30am HOLY COMMUNION: THIS SUNDAY (16th January)
For the second time since March 2020 there will be Holy Communion at the 10.30am THIS SUNDAY.
Points to note:
  • Bread and wine are administered by dipping the bread
  • There is no sharing of a common cup from which all drink
  • NEW you will be asked to come to the stage via the central aisle and stand around the dais to receive
  • The administrators will come to you in the old Christ Church way
  • All will be explained on Sunday!
This Sunday we begin a new sermon series, Shaping worship that is pleasing to God.
How often might we ask “How was the service?”
Our answer will usually be “good sermon”, “love the sung worship” or “intercessions were very powerful” or even “preacher went on a bit long”….(surely not!)
We can give our opinion about what worked for us.
Francis Chan in Letters to the Church would suggest that we are asking the wrong question. The key question is “Did it please God?”
Worship is an offering to an audience of one and we all bring something to give to him and to serve one another.
Using the elements of the Holy Communion service (i.e. the one with the most bits!) we will be exploring the shape of worship (which is the technical meaning of the word liturgy) and how we can shape our worship to be as pleasing to God as we can. Running from now until Pentecost we will be seeking his honour and pleasure through our sacrifice of praise and that he sends us out in the power of his Spirit to live and work for his praise and glory.
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Early in 2022 please look out for and be praying about….
Christ Church CoursesWitness Workshop and Prayer Ministry courses; 
feedback on the Living in Love and Faith course
Foyer Café opening – further plans with an expanded team meeting early January to plan re-opening the café 
(speak to Doug for details if you would like to know more).
Strategic Planning Team – meeting for the first time, heads of Care, Worship & Discipleship,
 Evangelism and Community Engagement and Lead Pastor to take an overview of where we are, 
future opportunities and how we could fill any gaps 
– reporting to PCC to help develop the plans for next 5 years
Evening services – a new programme of evening gatherings including Exploring Prayer, 14:26 worship, 
Wholeness and Healing, Living with Loss.
Alpha courses – daytime and evening courses starting January
Men’s ministry – a new group, Courageous; exploring how to build one another up 
and go out to make new disciples for Christ.
New sermon series – Shaping worship that is pleasing to God;  
based on the elements of the Holy Communion service and asking the questions, 
What do we do? Why do we do it? What will make it pleasing to God?
Mission Partner focus – one Sunday a month will be set aside to focus on 
one of our Mission Partners each month; usually including a visiting speaker 
and / or update from the Mission Partner advocates 
(Christ Church members who act as links to that Mission Partner)
Diversity – continuing to focus on diversity, starting with racial justice, 
the PCC will be led in Diversity training by Archdeacon Rosemarie in February 
and we will mark Racial Justice Sunday the following week.
Eco-church – we will celebrate our Bronze Award for Eco-church by an unveiling of the plaque 
and a visit from a representative from Arocha…
…and many more! (see below)
 Everything we do directed towards our Vision of MAKING PASSIONATE DISCIPLES FOR CHRIST….

IN 2022 we will be doing things a bit differently on Sunday evenings. 
SECOND SUNDAY: Monthly Prayer Gatherings – 
beginning in February all are invited to a monthly Prayer Gathering 
to pray for our Mission Partners, for the nominated ministries of 
Christ Church, for ourselves and to listen to God.
To help us all focus and grow in this area we will be following 
The Prayer Course (see ) 
which has been updated and renewed and is a great way to 
renew your own prayer life and commitment to corporate and personal prayer. 
THIRD SUNDAY: Every other month a 14:26 evening of worship, 
where all are invited to bring themselves, a song, a hymn, a prayer, 
a word and to share for the building up of the body of Christ. 
FIFTH SUNDAY: a service of wholeness and healing (four times a year). 
Look out also for another Living with Loss service (date TBC) 
Worship Night will continue online on the FOURTH SUNDAY.

Daily devotionals or a sermon on the go?
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