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Holy Week - the BIG Easter story!

Each day this week, we are exploring the BIG Easter story!  Watch each story and complete the craft!

Judas and the silver coins 

(Click on the image to hear the story)

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Craft challenge!

Can you make a money pouch with a secret picture hiding inside?  ASK AN ADULT TO HELP! (Click on image)
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Jesus rides the donkey!


Craft challenge!

Can you make a palm leaf to wave?  ASK AN ADULT TO HELP! (Click on image)

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Kick start each day with a great way to pray together as a family! Click on image for today's prayer.
3 27 Engage At Home

Pyjama prayers! End the day with a time together - snuggle up in your pjs and hear from the bible!
Live streaming every weekday @ 5pm.  Click on image for today's prayer.
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Weekly prayer activities for the whole family can be found here.

Join in with fun and sometime crazy family worship! Live every Wednesday and Saturday @ 4pm or catch-up anytime! (Click image)
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C4 (Christ Church Christian Club)

We LOVE playing games, hearing stories from the bible and praying to God.  

Get ready:  GAMES!

Choose your game:

1.  Wrappcartoon-kid-wearing-mummy-costing your mummies!  You will need:  Scarves - as many as you can find!  Number of players:  2+.  Instructions:  Choose one person to be the mummy and the other to be the wrapper.  On 'Go!' time how long it takes for the wrapper to cover the mummy's body in scarves (not neck or head)! Swap roles - who was quickest?  NB:  Please take care when playing the game - wrap gently and not too tight!  Only wrap the legs and body! ADULT SUPERVISION NEEDED

2.  Test your nose!  You will need:  A Scarf/blindfold and the following smelly objects (Bar of soap, bottle of shampoo, pieces of fruit, pot of coffee powder or a tea bag and a smelly sock!). Instructions:  blind fold another person and ask them to smell the items.  Can they guess what they are?  Get them to order the smells from nicest to nastiest! NB:  Be careful - only use the items listed above.


Get Set:  STORY!

We've been playing games to see who can make a mummy the quickest and who has the best nose!  Listen out in our story for a smelly problem! Click on image for this week's story.

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Go: Prayer and activities!

Jesus did an AMAZING thing; he raised Lazarus from the dead!  This proves that Jesus is even more powerful than death!  This story amazed Mary, Martha and all those who saw it - it amazes us too!  Jesus is POWERFUL! (Image:
Color-Changing-Volcano-with-Ba1.  Powerful prayers!  You will need:  a plate, a clean empty pot  (e.g. yoghurt), a spoonful of Bicarbonate of soda and vinegar (1 drop food colouring if allowed).  Jesus is so powerful, that he was able to bring Lazarus back to life.  What is your BIG prayer?  Place the pot on a plate.  Add one teaspoon of Bicarbonate of soda to the pot.  Pray to God asking him to work POWERFULLY in the world.  Pour a SMALL amount of vinegar into the pot. Watch what amazing thing happens!  God can do AMAZING things!  ADULT SUPERVISION NEEDED!

2.  Finger bandage!  You will need:  a handkerchief or tissue.  Instructions:  Think of someone that you want to know God's amazing love.  Wrap the handkerchief or tissue gently around your finger.  Whenever you see the tissue/handkerchief, pray for that person.  Remove after a short while. Activities:
  1. Lazarus dot to dot and colouring sheet.  Print off the page below and complete.  (Click image)( Lazarus
  2. Lazarakia cakes!  Why not ask your grown up if you can make these special yummy Lazarus cakes! (Click image for recipe) ADULT SUPERVISION NEEDED.lazarakia-me-zymh-tsourekiou-1

Carousel Toddler group

Join us for our virtual song time and craft activity (click images below)!

Song suggestions:   Incy Wincy spider!

Screenshot 2020-03-31 at 19.10
Song suggestions:  You are my sunshine!
Screenshot 2020-03-31 at 19.13

Challenge of the week: Happy sunshine!  

You could make a sunshine to put in your window for children (and adults) to spot on their walks!
(Click image)
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Grown ups

Kids love things to be 'Black and white' so we can do lots to help them in a world of grey!  Here are some practical tips!
  1. Keep things well structured!  Kids love to know what is happening and when it is happening.  Why not create a brightly coloured and fun home school timetable together?  You can download and print this one or create your own!65fef9d09a63c65e60b1acffd45550
  2. Have clear rules!  Kids love praise. 'Well done, you're doing brilliantly!' is what we would all love to hear!  Why not create a fun reward system - it doesn't have to be costly, a simple smiley face drawn on a chart is a great reward for children!   You can download and print this one or create your own!7984c192553fd2c58a4cc267987263
  3. Mix it up a bit!  There needs to be a good balance of learning, movement and fun.  Give children time to complete tasks as well as playtime and space to move.  It is good to have designated areas in your home for different activities: a desk for work, a room for playtime, the garden for sports etc. (  wfhkids-lowres-102209244-330x2
  4. Check-in! Regularly ask your child how are they feeling.  Smaller children may struggle to express their feelings - use a feeling poster (below) to ask children how they are feeling at the moment or use a loved teddy or doll and ask the child to tell you how teddy/doll is feeling today.  Through their response, you will gain insight into their feelings.  Encourage your child to think of ways to help Teddy/doll.  Remember, feelings of sadness or anger are all feelings that God has given us.  In and of themselves they are not wrong, but dwelling on them can lead to negative thinking.  Therefore, it is good to encourage children to pray to God being honest with their feelings, but also asking for God's help to give their negative feelings to him.  For more help with this, please get in touch.NEW-feelings-chart-for-web
  5. Let your child take the lead.  Your child knows that God is good and that he is loving.  Read this wonderful blog about a question from a ten-year old.



Want more?

Here is a great website that has collated a range of resources from school materials through to kid's ministry. (Click image)