Holiday at Home 

An opportunity to relax and chat over tea and coffee.
If you wish there are board games and craft activities in the morning.
After a midday meal there is
an afternoon speaker or entertainment.

August 7,8,9 (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)
10:30am – 3:00pm
For anyone who is retired - ‘old in body young at heart’.
Why not invite a neighbour or a friend?
If you would like to join us could you please fill in this form
Name:        _______________________________________
Address:     _______________________________________
Phone number ____________________________________
Arranging lifts depends on who is available but if you would need a
lift please tick this box and we will try to arrange one for you.
We hope you will be able to come on all three days although some people may wish to come on one or two days. Please tick the days you would like to come.
The cost will be £5 each day. If this is a problem, or for any more information please contact Alison Frost
Please return this form to: Christ Church office, or Alison Frost or Jenny Hird

Downloadable form

Jean Loh, 20/07/2018