Pastoral Care At Christ Church


 The pastoral team and many others try to ensure
 that members of Christ Church feel supported by
 offering loving, Godly service in a number of ways.


Visits and encouragement: To ensure that members feel part of the
fellowship our pastoral team will visit to talk about faith and your
spiritual journey, any aspect of church life, or to support you
through life’s ups and downs.

Illness: If you are ill or have to go into hospital please let us
know so that we can keep in touch with the hospital chaplain
and arrange a visit.

Elderly: We have 2 groups which support the older person.
We also run a ‘holiday at home’ club during the summer. 

Home Communion: We can bring Holy Communion to your
home if you are unable to come to church for whatever reason,
or if your circumstances have changed and you can no
longer attend church.

Bereavement support: We support those bereaved in
different ways, including through a monthly support group
which meets at Church.

Drop:in: If you need a lift to church, the hospital, or to the
doctors please give the team a ring and we will do our best
to provide you with transport.

Transport: We are always looking for drivers so that we
can provide lifts to the GP, hospital, and sometimes lifts
to church. If you can offer occasional lifts or need
transport yourself do contact us.

Welcoming and nurturing: It is the aim of the pastoral
team that no-one should be overlooked and so we
invite newcomers to regular welcome events -
in addition, once you have got to know us you may
want to work with the welcome team to greet,
welcome and help others settle in! 

Prayer network: We believe that God answers prayer,
so let us know if you have urgent issues of concern
which can be shared confidentially within our prayer network.
Through this we regularly send out 200 prayer requests
each year.

Cheer: Are you parenting alone?
Cheer invite you to join us for occasional lunches
on Sundays 1.00pm-2.45pm. (see website for dates)
Children and teenagers welcome.
Find out more or book your place: 0208 8763 8291

Meals Ministry: We have a freezer well stocked
with home cooked meals for  when shopping and cooking
are difficult-perhaps after coming out of hospital,
or for families with a new baby. We can deliver meals to help out.


Contact us for further information or support

Our Pastoral Team includes
three Southwark Pastoral Auxiliaries (SPAs) who have
completed 2 years of training in pastoral care.
We work together but our particular
areas of involvement are shown in brackets.

Pastoral leader    Jenny Hird SPA
                                      (elderly, Home Communion)

Assistant Pastoral leader    Karen Speed SPA
                                                           (welcoming & nurturing)  

Pauline Chapman
(CUH lay hospital chaplain, bereavement support)

Nicola Rogers SPA
(Alpha, elderly, nurturing)

Prayer network
Co-ordinator Pauline Chapman

Telephone for personal matters   07582 622928

Or Church office 020 8763 8291 
9.30am-12.30pm Monday - Friday