Its Summer time and so many, but not all, of our activities come to a pause. Not everyone’s lives centre around school holidays and we need to be aware of that. Many avoid holidays in August because they are busier and more expensive. But many do break now and so many of our teams enter a time of well deserved rest.

So that means there may not be full teams available to lead and run services. The Children and Youth work on a Sunday morning does not run. It all has a slightly different feel to it.

And that’s good.

The instruction to the teams leading the services over the summer is “be yourself, recognise the all-age congregation that you have, keep it simple, be creative”. So, each Sunday, especially at 10.15am , may feel just a little bit different each week. One week you may be asked to get involved a bit more. Another there may be a super soaker for the front row on a hot day (…no, I made that one up). Another it may look fairly traditional.

They key is that it is all worship.

Come when you are around. Sit back, relax, and enjoy. Join in where you are able. Lean in and pray for the leaders. Go with the flow. Listen to the Lord. Welcome Him into the space. Welcome Him into your hearts.

For He is worthy.

And as for me…I shall leave you with a quote from Oscar Wilde as I take some time away over the summer.

Some bring happiness wherever they go; others spread happiness whenever they go”

I’ll leave it up to you as to which one applies!

August is a good time to ring for a chat or arrange a coffee.

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God bless you all