Exciting new scheme! Creative Christ Church


We will be exhibiting artwork around the church buildings mainly on the Foyer walls and corridors. Art work can be used as a witness to all the Church Centre users to describe and testify to the Glory of God working in our lives. Every three/ four months there will be a theme and/or suggestions of media including things like ‘Awesome nature’, ‘Forgiveness’, creative writing, watercolours, textiles …the work can be submitted by the congregation and later probably by other hall users too and Christ Church school children. The change-over time will be near or in half term holidays.

If there are lots of entries, a small team will select what we think is appropriate and if there are very hard choices we can show works for 6 weeks and swap over. It is something that God laid on my heart a few years ago now and as many people learn visually, I believe we should use our creativity to reach out to those who pass by.

You can be any age to submit work, it will need to be either A4 or A3 in size only 2d work at this stage and it would be very helpful to have one or two sentences of explanation to go alongside the work (Please email this to office@christchurchpurley.org.uk) approx. 40 words. 

Have you enjoyed the artwork in the Foyer during the Autumn? Now is your chance to be creative for the next collection to be displayed. The suggested theme is ‘Being Unique’. All artwork to be submitted by last week in January. More information from Kate Buckley in person or via the church office.?

If you would like to be on the team with me choosing, preparing and hanging the work please get in touch. 

Named Artwork can be dropped at Kate’s house during the week before the deadline or we can arrange collection at church if necessary.

God Bless and inspire you, Kate Buckley