Be part of the conversation


Thank you to all for the welcome we have received! I have had many valuable conversations with many people and preached three times. I am conscious that I have often said to people  “I can’t remember if I have told you this before”….and so it occurred that it might be helpful to update everyone at the same time!

As we look at Christ Church, how we operate, what we do and what God may be leading us into it is important that all can feel that you have a say; that what you are listening out for from God can become part of the conversation.

Christ Church, as an Anglican church and a charity, has a trust board, known as the PCC. They have been elected by the Annual Meeting to take on that responsibility as charity trustees. They also, in church law, are tasked with “co-operating with the incumbent (ie Vicar) in furthering the mission and ministry of the church”. So its not just money and buildings but caring for one another, worshipping together, discipleship and reaching out to proclaim Good News to our community.

The PCC carry the legal weight of the responsibility to make decisions for the church. They also represent you. It is important that we all have a say and an input. We need to hear from you.

It is important that in PCC meetings we make both prayerful and informed decisions; guided by His Spirit and using our God given gifts of discernment, wisdom and common sense. And to take risks when he ask us to. We, as a PCC need your prayers and input to do that faithfully and responsibly.

So be part of the conversation. These are exciting times!

Rev. Doug McHardie