Christ Church’s Sunday Morning Children’s Ministry


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Think of a place where children have so much fun learning about how awesome God is that they don’t want to miss a single week…where the music is so contemporary and engaging that the children leave humming the tunes, and the words help them remember biblical truths all week long…where creative teaching techniques, video and drama are effectively used to teach this media-driven generation about how to live the Christian life at home, at school, and in their neighbourhoods… where Small Group Leaders love and encourage children while modelling Jesus.


Our goal at Explosive is to have our children come back week after week because they enjoyed their visit so much that they can’t wait to return. We want them to have FUN. While kids keep coming back for the FUN, we can accomplish our mission by continuing to nurture and teach them spiritually. We want to make our children’s ministry the best hour of a child’s week. If you want that for your child too, please join us during the 10.30am service on Sundays during term time.*


Children aged 0-11 are welcomed. We start together in adult church for the first 15 minutes and leave to have our fun and teaching.


Please call in and see us any Sunday morning at 10.30am during term time,*

Or call the church office for more details.     


Tel: 020 8763 8291 
Email: office@christchurchpurley.org.uk 





* Some special Sundays we meet altogether in church for T4 services – see programme card for dates