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 The 10:30am service

Isaiah the Lord saves - The mission of the servant
Charles Trefusis, 19/11/2017
Isaiah the Lord saves - A smoldering wick
Steve Bishop, 05/11/2017
Isaiah the Lord saves - Know and trust your God
Martin Ryan, 29/10/2017
Mission impossible! Doing God's will in Moldova
Pastor Slavic, 22/10/2017
The Message of Hope - The God who heals
Rachelle Sanderson, 15/10/2017
The vision of Jesus
Charles Trefusis, 08/10/2017
Giving and tithing
R T Kendall, 01/10/2017
Restored, Recommissioned, Renewed
Charles Trefusis, 07/05/2017



Faith in a mulicultural society
Various, 11/06/2017