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I have always wondered whether Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) are actually asked – frequently or otherwise? Or are they just a different way of communicating what you are doing?

The most frequent question I get asked at the moment is – “How are these 3 services going to work?”

So here goes….my NFAQBHIAITNS*…..

You have suggested 3 services from 7th November. Why is that?

The primary reason for suggesting more services is to provide the opportunity for more, shorter services with fewer people attending for less time so that all may feel safer in this continuing Covid time.

How long will each service be?

We will aim for each service to be 45 minutes long.

What will each service be like?

We are proposing three services as follows:

TRADITIONAL – very like the current service at 9.45am and very similar to the old 9am Holy Communion. Two hymns and usually a Communion service with a sermon usually the same as the later services. It is a bit quieter and more reflective.

MORNING WORSHIP – very like the first half of the old 10.30am service (if you remember that). It will have responses including confession, a creed and intercessions. The sermon may be a bit longer than the earlier service most weeks. The band will play two songs during the service.

CELEBRATION – a service similar to the evening services and the format we have followed since January first on Zoom then in the car park and now in church. Worship, Word, Ministry. There will be more sung worship (4-6 songs) and more extended times for ministry and prayer.

What time will the services be at?

I spent some time early on in lockdown and online church asking people to refer to the “Traditional” and “Contemporary” service. The reason was that I had anticipated that it was very likely that we would have to change service times when we met again and so it was helpful not to refer to the “9 O’clock” and the “10.30”.

That is how it transpired since we now have services at 9.45am and 11am.

HOWEVER, it is with no little irony that I can reveal that the times of the new services will be:

CC @ 9 – Traditional service

CC @ 10.30 – Morning Worship

CC @ 11.30 – Celebration

I have nothing else to add….

Why is there a longer gap between the Traditional and Morning Worship services?

We are building in a 45 minute gap between services intentionally so that the technical team and band can set up for the service without undue time pressure.

Will there be coffee?

Ideally we will have coffee between each service. Team needed. Look for adverts or offer to help if you can…

What about children?

Christ Church Kids will start again, running at the same time as the Morning Worship. Children will not come in to this service but instead go straight to their groups. Parents and carers will be should join the Morning Worship and asked to collect their children at the end of that service. Whole families will then be encouraged to join at least part of the Celebration where families can worship together each week.

What are the advantages of having a third service?

There are several benefits of a third service:

  • Some people prefer this style of service
  • Families have the opportunity to worship together and benefit from Christ Church Kids provision
  • Kids and youth team will be able to worship as well as serve in the morning
  • It provides a space for extended worship and ministry time that might just be right for some people each week
  • It provides more services that will be smaller for less time in the hope that this helps everyone feel safe

What about Youth?

It is planned that older youth (15-16+) will have opportunities to join in and serve at morning services as well as having their own provision at other times (look out for separate plans for youth in later Newslink). The 10-15 ages will have their own provision on a Sunday morning (help needed!)

When can I have Communion?

Responding to feedback, the pattern of Holy Communion will be 3 Sundays at the Traditional service and 1 at the Morning Worship. This will allow more time for longer exploration of the word in the earlier service and the sacrament provided at Morning Worship. Communion is also provided once a month at the Midweek service which is followed by a lunch. If anyone requires home communion because you cannot get to church please let the Vicar know.

Can I go to more than one service?

Yes. Some people may want to stay for other service(s) and that is absolutely fine.

Do I need to book in for a service?

No. Just turn up.

Is it fair to describe the Morning Worship and Celebration as two ends of a pantomime horse?

Only if you find that helpful…..The Morning Worship will be a bit like the start of the old 10.30am and the Celebration will be a bit like the end ….but that is where the analogy ends!

Is this the new pattern for ever?

We will review how it is going in February. God is doing new things constantly and your feedback is very helpful in discerning the future. Please come along to the Congregation Meeting after the service on Sunday and “Be Part of the Conversation”

What if I have any other queries or questions?

Ask the Vicar! (see below)

Wishing you every blessing at this exciting time…


* Not Frequently Asked Questions But Helpful Information Answers In This New Season